Linux Format


So you’ve got rid of all the junk files and streamlined your boot-up process. You’ll have already noticed a leap in performance. If your appetite if whetted, roll up your sleeves and dive right in to make your installation even faster. Many of the default apps in distros ship with settings to suit most popular use cases. Several popular ones include tweakable parameters that you can use to make them run more quickly.

Gnome run

Gnome is arguably the most popular desktop environment for desktop distros, such as Ubuntu and Fedora. The desktop is bulky and although it has lost quite a bit of flab since v3 was released in 2011, there is still a lot of scope to make

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In Brief
Another entry on the growing list of distros based on Arch Linux, Garuda puts in a lot of effort to tame the rolling release distro and make it suitable for the average desktop user. It pays special attention to maximise performance, and to ship with
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Faster Firefox
Firefox 84 ( ) brings hardware acceleration by default for some Linux users. We say ‘some’, because the situation is a little complicated… Essentially, WebRender is enabled for Gnome/, while Gnome/Wayland support wil
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RebornOS 2020.12.28
There are several distros that want to extend the flexibility of Arch Linux to the average desktop user without inundating them with endless options. Manjaro is our current favourite (LXF246), and the now-defunct Antergos was another. In many aspects