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No video is complete without a nifty title sequence, and has a dedicated tool for creating and editing both static and animated

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Linux Format1 min citite
You Need
A breadboard LED 330 Ohm resistor (orange-orange-brown-gold) Two male-to-female jumper wires Adafruit MPR121 capacitive touch sensor ( Four female-to-female jumper wires Two crocodile clips Two pieces of fruit StemmaQT t
Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
In Brief
A secure, anti-forensic and anonymous distribution that’s designed for privacy-conscious users. Its claim to fame are the many network tricks up its sleeve that enable you to effectively mask your internet connection. Just as impressive is its curate
Linux Format1 min cititeAstronomy & Space Sciences
Forth In Space
One of the benefits of Forth, back in the days of the Jupiter Ace, was that it was much less reliant on computer resources than many other languages. Forty years on, though, this benefit might seem much less relevant. However, reality is somewhat dif