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The perfect installation

The Mint installer is one of the most straightforward out there. Just accepting the defaults will get you a nice dual-boot arrangement (if you have another operating system installed), or a simple two-partition (EFI and root) setup if there’s nothing installed, or if you want rid of whatever was installed. This suits most people, but we’re not most people, so we’ll do something else.

For one thing, we’ll be ticking that LVM box, and for another we’ll set up a separate partition. Neither of these acts will make our install look or act any different, but the a separate from the comfort of the installer – not both. But we can use this to our advantage, and possibly yours, by demonstrating how to segregate your home directory after the fact. Unfortunately, it’s not possible from the installer to use LVM if other partitions (from other OSes, say) are present, so we’ll presume you’re giving a whole disk to Mint 19.2.

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