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Room at the inn?

Storage, storage everywhere, but not a bit of it is safe. Where do you store your stuff? On your boot drive? On a magnetised platter

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Quick Tip
At the moment, our leader board is a list of scores. Consider supplying an input box so that each player gets an opportunity to add their name. The rules are simple: in 20 seconds find as many matches as possible. Each successfully match gains an e
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Typo Taoism
“I typed, “Best regards, Keith” at the end of an email but, just as I hit the “h” of “Keith”, my finger caught the V key. Muscle memory made me send the email automatically. I had just signed myself “Keithy”. To a client. Argh! Now what? Say nothing,
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Open Media Vault 5.5.11
One FreeNAS developer’s suggestion for implementing the popular FreeBSD-based NAS solution over Debian led to the creation of Open Media Vault (OMV). We’ve featured the project several times since the project’s first release almost a decade ago. Most