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The storage unit rental business is booming because people love to hoard things. Family heirlooms, random eBay purchases, quaint curios from happier times, 252 issues of – sooner or later these

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Linux Format8 min cititeComputers
Code A Classic Card Game In Python
Calvin Robinson is a former assistant principal and computer science teacher with and a degree in computer games design and programming. Over our series of tutorials for games programming in Python, we’ve created a Lunar Lander-style module game, a
Linux Format1 min cititeSecurity
White Hat Hacking
There’s a school of thought that says we (or anyone) shouldn’t provide information that budding hackers could use to cause damage or distress. Barnes and Noble took such umbrage to our Learn to Hack feature in 2012 that the whole issue was stricken f
Linux Format2 min cititeSecurity
Hacker’s Manual
Te 1995 film Hackers has a lot to answer for. Not only was there egregious product placement for a certain fizzy beverage with red and white branding, but it helped reinforce the notion that hacking was all good-looking edgy types breaking into other