Linux Format


1 Installing

rite the ISO from the (it’s in the directory) to a USB stick using or . Boot that on your soon-to-be NAS box. The interface is pretty old-school, but don’t be intimidated. Just work your way

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Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
Pil - The Python Imaging Library
As used in this tutorial, PIL is a great tool to use with images in Python. It’s simple enough to understand and results are easy to achieve. Let’s take filters for example. Filters can change aspects of an image and you will have used them with apps
Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
Tweaking Emojis
Our emoji match game is based on the traditional card game Snap. We’re presenting a number of shuffled emoji images from the computer, followed by an equal number of random emoji buttons for our player to click. Only one emoji in each deck will match
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White Hat Hacking
There’s a school of thought that says we (or anyone) shouldn’t provide information that budding hackers could use to cause damage or distress. Barnes and Noble took such umbrage to our Learn to Hack feature in 2012 that the whole issue was stricken f