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A modern supercomputer isn’t too unlike a home or office network. A bunch of Linux servers (or nodes), often using Intel processors and

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Linux Format8 min cititeComputers
Openstreetmap Turns One Hundred Million!
The chances are that, if you have a need for online mapping or navigation, Google Maps is your first port of call. Verifiable usage figures don’t appear to be available, but nearly all surveys show the Google mapping solution ahead of its rivals, and
Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
OS: Ubuntu 16.04+ (64-bit) CPU: 3.5GHz Dual Core (64-bit) Memory: 8GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 560, Radeon HD 5850, 2GB VRAM HDD: 21GB OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64-bit) CPU: 3.5GHz Quad Core (64-bit) GPU: Nvidia GTX 760, AMD Radeon HD 7870, 3GB VRAM ■
Linux Format7 min cititeInternet & Web
Administer Servers With Your Browser
What’s the best way to administer your headless server remotely from another machine inside your local network? You can al ways ssh in of course, but a friendlier approach will give you access to key metrics as well as the ability to perform various