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When optimising the bill of materials for a process computer system, opting for smaller memory card sizes always seem like a

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Ongoing Development
Andrea Righi (Canonical) posted a patch series titled “Opportunistic memory reclaim” which attempts to give userspace (programs) a means to inform the kernel that it should begin to free up physical memory (known as “reclaim”) because large allocatio
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Cyber Insecurity
Each year we proclaim it’s time to learn how to hack. But why? Jonni always gets angry at the subversion of the term ‘hacking’ and I can understand why. Hacking is fun, as is finding out how systems work and how to get them to do things they were nev
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A Quick Reference To… Raid
RAID is a means of combining several hard disks, or partitions, into one device to either boost storage space or reliability, or both. Generally all devices should be the same size. You can buy hardware RAID controllers but the Linux kernel does it w