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ISSUE 250 June 2019

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et Linux on your Chromebook with our complete install guide. Plus check out our Roundup of rescue distros, tweak your Pi config to perfection, optimise or ditch it altogether with , and meet the folks

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Is Wayland Ready For Prime Time?
For years the Wayland display server protocol has looked like it would become a mainstream alternative to the X Window System. Yet a prime-time release always seemed one year away… Recent moves by some big industry names means that Wayland’s time cou
Linux Format2 min cititeComputers
MIDI Workflow
Q tractor has a MIDI editor that’s clear and extensively featured with loads of the traditional MIDI sequencer tools such as rescaling, quantising, randomising and normalising. It’s a shame that, like LMMS, it lacks step-entry of notes, a feature tha
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Advanced Bash Scripting Guide Go further with shell scripting. Bash Guide for Beginners Get to grips with the basics of Bash scripting. Bourne Shell Scripting First steps in shell scripting. The Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric S. Raymond’s class