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I have my own business working from home and I was doing long, long hours, having minimal contact with people daily,” explains 34-year-old Milton Janusch. “I was mentally fatigued. I felt lonely, isolated and overwhelmed with work. A week could pass and the only people I would see would be a Deliveroo driver and my then-fiancé (now my wife), Stacey. I’d piled on weight gradually and didn’t really notice how big

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Men's Fitness UK
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Managing Muscle Dysmorphia
“One of the biggest things I learned to work on – which massively improved the broken relationship I had with my body – was to talk to myself in a nicer way. When I stopped asking myself questions like, what’s wrong with me? Why aren’t I as lean as h
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Mind Over MUSCLE
It took a pizza for Mathew Lewis-Carter to realise that his goal to become leaner had become an unhealthy obsession. In the throes of his introduction to the competitive bodybuilding world, he was “dieting hard”, “purging pretty much anything” he ate