“Big Big Train were the first band to send me a cassette,” recalls Kev Rowland. “Final Conflict were the first to send me a CD, and Vertical Alignment were the first band to send me a download…”

When talking to this veteran music writer, anecdotes about obscure bands – Milky Way Gas, a specialist rock music newsletter, on his electric typewriter. His thick contacts list and prolific reviewing and interviewing made an invaluable resource for prog fans in the pre-Google, pre-, age.

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Kitten Pyramid
Derbyshire prog-pop eccentrics’ enjoyably off-kilter return. Unlike some musicians featured in these pages, Scott Milligan can’t play 16 instruments while conducting a choir. But Kitten Pyramid’s chief songwriter makes up for his technical limitation
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Age cannot Wither Him
John Carpenter has a self-deprecating interest in his age. “Who’d have thought that at my age [he’s 73] I’d be lucky enough to have a second career? But here I am!” he says with a laugh. The quietly spoken Carpenter has long been acclaimed as one of
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With a musical career spanning almost 50 years, John Hackett is one of prog’s ‘go to’ flute players, appearing on albums by musicians such as Anthony Phillips, Nick Magnus and most recently, Ms Amy Birks. He’s collaborated on and recorded several cla