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What is the British Game Alliance (BGA) and what is its reason for being?

The BGA was set up early last year as the marketing board for the UK game industry. The game market had got worse and worse and, in some cases, the meat had a negative value. It was a commercial crime and would be the beginning of the end of shooting if allowed to continue. So the idea was to set up a marketing board to

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That’s your Lotte
Lotte has been growing in front of our eyes, which is not surprising considering the amount she eats. She’s not fussy – her bed, Bess’s bed, my shoes, Andrea’s slippers, my hat and her lead, plus the unmentionables that pups seem to have a taste for.
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At A Glance
1 Purdey half-zip sweater Colours: Sky blue or sage green Price: £385; 2 Swazi Assegai jacket Sizes: S-3XL. Colour: Black Price: £229.99; 3 Purdey Men’s double face shirt Colours: Aqua blue or thyme Price £175; ■
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Does A Hide Need Natural Cover?
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