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Estate diversification without disturbing the peace

WHAT makes a good landlord-business-community relationship? Sharing the landscape with visitors but ensuring the occupants, locals and non-human residents remain happy. Private estates, with the shoot, farm and stables nicely contained, are terrific but an injection of cash from beyond the march-fence is essential for survival, particularly if there is a significant pile of bricks, mortar and a roof

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Going The Social Distance
WELL, as the world death toll for COVID-19 surges past 100,000 (I am writing this in early April), it makes my comments in last month’s column – “this all looks like a massive overreaction and at some stage normality will resume” – appear somewhat ag
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EMAIL ALEXANDRA.HENTON@TI-MEDIA.COM Counteract the cats and support songbird survival with this large umbrella. Features eight songbirds, including the robin, chaffinch and house sparrow. Measures 120cm x 120cm x 95cm. Price £14; discount code across
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