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Q. What made you participate in this contest?

A: I came across the advertisement on Amazon India’s content community application and posted some pictures with the relevant hashtags. As my work started getting appreciated, I began posting updates regularly, both on Amazon India’s social media handles as well as my own Instagram page. I was simply doing what I loved doing and it led to me winning the contest.

Q. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty comes from within. Everything is beautiful if we have the eyes to see it. One should be comfortable in the

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Beauty Expert
QI’m prone to dandruff and my scalp is terribly irritated. Help! A: Given your situation, it’s probably wise to switch from over-the-counter products to a customised haircare routine. You can try SkinKraft—they specialise in creating a skin and hairc
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Read This Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Falsies
No make-up make-up people: try translucent strips. They’ll give you a full fringe without looking like you’re t-r-y-i-n-g. On the other hand, solid-black bands say, ‘Imma glam girl’, since they look like you’re wearing a full-on lined eye. Shop for f
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Pulling Off Yellow Eyeshadow
Pastels are fine for some occasions. This is not one of them. Sheer, pale yellows will just make you look sickly, so stick to vivid hues like rich mustard or nearly neon. You’re going for ~intentional~ here, babe. Start with an eyeshadow primer (to k