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Podcasts are like the best bits of radio in a format you can enjoy at your leisure. Head to for our picks, and use Pocket Casts to blast them into your ears. This premium app now lacks a price-tag but is still full of handy features, like silence trimming and speech boost for talky shows.

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Stuff Magazine South Africa1 min cititeTelecommunications
This Way To The Battle Of The Brands
Tecno is a Chinese brand that’s been big in Africa for ages. Just… not this bit of Africa. Until now, as Tecno makes inroads in a very crowded, competitive market. It’s not coming alone, either. There are a few candidates for your attention, with Opp
Stuff Magazine South Africa2 min citite
Fifa 2021
FIFA, as an Electronic Arts’ game series, has been around since 1993. There’s a limit to how much innovation is possible in a game over three decades. EA’s managed it so far. FIFA 2021 is the latest entry and it’s got one thing going for it in spades
Stuff Magazine South Africa2 min cititeComputers
Can’t Stress This Enough
from R8 000 / Fitbit’s new Sense is a slick-looking wearable, more like a wristwatch than a fitness device in terms of design. Which makes sense, because this is not a dedicated bit of fitness gear. It’s more of a whole-human monitor, with