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Podcasts are like the best bits of radio in a format you can enjoy at your leisure. Head to for our picks, and use Pocket Casts to blast them into your ears. This premium app now lacks a price-tag but is still full of handy features, like silence trimming and speech boost for talky shows.

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We’ll Never Be Royals
Here you don’t get the fancy curved display we’re used to seeing on the higher-ranking Galaxy S devices. Instead there is a flat display, which we definitely prefer. Those bezels are just too big to love, though. Pro video pretty much seals the deal
Stuff Magazine South Africa2 min cititeComputers
from R22 000 / The old iPad Pro was already our favourite tablet by miles, and the latest update only makes it more desirable. As before, it isn’t cheap; but with its huge and super-slick 120Hz Liquid Retina screen, ludicrously speedy
Stuff Magazine South Africa1 min citite
Xbox Exclusive
Launched earlier this year on PC, Gears Tactics takes the Gears of War over-the-shoulder shooter framework and transforms it into a turn-based strategy game along the lines of X-Com. That might seem an odd fit, but Gears has built up a lot of lore ov