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Be creative

One way to ensure you’re not wasting time on a device is to make something. If you’ve always had a novel in your head, or ambitions to be an artist, the digital realm now offers more help than ever. Instead of defaulting to social networks, spend downtime writing a novella, learning to paint or working on that nu-ragtime chart-topper.

Get educated

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We’ll Never Be Royals
Here you don’t get the fancy curved display we’re used to seeing on the higher-ranking Galaxy S devices. Instead there is a flat display, which we definitely prefer. Those bezels are just too big to love, though. Pro video pretty much seals the deal
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Launch Titles
Sony’s remake of the PS3 Dark Souls predecessor plays as terrifyingly taut as ever with tense showdowns against giant spiders and other monsters. You’d better have an iron will for this one. PS5 Ubisoft’s urban hacking fantasy takes on a new tone in
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Playstation Plus
Sony doesn’t have an equivalent to Xbox Game Pass, but PS5 owners who subscribe to PlayStation Plus will be able to access a free selection of top PS4 games including such gems as God of War, Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy XV, The Last of Us Remastered,