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What and how do you read for pleasure?

his will sound like a busman’s holiday, but for pleasure I read novels. Widely. All types. Whatever

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READERS should use caution when entering into any legal contract with a literary service offering agenting-type assistance; publishers who charge, rather than pay, an author for publication; publishers who require a purchase before publication and co
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Romance Slam Jam Book Lovers’ Convention
Twenty-five years ago, Black romance authors started the Romance Slam Jam – an annual gathering for authors of color and the readers who love them. The five-day event attracts writers from a wide variety of marginalized communities. RSJ Chairperson B
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Charting Joy
One of my favorite ways to deal with a problem is to bury it in the darkest corner of my mind and try to forget it exists. Hey, I didn’t say best. I said favorite. Because it’s certainly the coping strategy my mind reaches for first when presented wi