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magazine has a special relationship with the Handiham program, a highly respected non-profit which, since 1967, has provided services for ham operators with visual and magazine in DAISY format on its server, making them available to Handiham program members with sight disabilities.

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Ham Radio News
New FCC RF Exposure Rules Take Effect May 3rd Back in 2019, the FCC adopted new rules relating to radio frequency (RF) exposure levels which ended amateur radio’s categorical exemption making station evaluations. (The exposure limits have not changed
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Our Readers Say…
Editor, CQ: I have been involved with ham radio since 1957. I have seen a lot of changes since then, some good, most bad. With incentive licensing and VEs, we have dumbed-down entrance requirements to what is supposed to be a technical auxiliary serv
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The Ham Notebook
Eric Guth, 4Z1UG, host of the “QSO Today” podcast, asked me to moderate a live online panel discussion called “Makers, Youth, and Ham Radio” at the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo in March (see Figure 1). Regular readers of this column know I have a passi