House and Leisure

a meeting of two worlds

The notion of terroir is a familiar one in winemaking, referring to the way in which the precise environmental context of a vineyard contributes to the unique characteristics of a wine. Similarly, Marina and Robert Appelbaum’s Craighall home in Johannesburg, which they share with Marina’s three children, is an expression of their individual personalities, interests

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In The Frame
‘The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.’ Like many writers, I have an inherent belief that it’s all been said before – and probably better than I could. And in my contemplation of windows and light, and my enquiry into
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Superwoof, a dog hotel in Woodstock, Cape Town, combines pop art with a superhero aesthetic to give the city’s dogs a bright and beautiful home from home. There’s even an open-sky deck where dogs can relax at the pool. Read more about how your pup ca
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6 green apples2 kiwi fruit3 figs2 cups grapesA handful of greens (spinach or kale)A few mint leaves1 avocadoA squeeze of lemon Wash the fruit, greens and mint. Scoop the avocado from the skin and set aside. Chop the fruit and greens into pieces sma