The colla-generation

Did you know that from about the age of 25 we have a reduced ability to produce our own collagen? And you know what that means… hello fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The good news is, collagen is the most, to explain why it’s so good for us.

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Holiday Highlights
Tuck into breakfast made by your personal chef using fresh and organic local produce. Restore balance at the Gaiatree Sanctuary. Explore Nadi Market before getting hands-on at a Flavours of Fiji gourmet cooking lesson. Tour the idyllic Coral Coast on
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Backyard Moon Bath
In addition to cleansing our bodies, cleansing our psyches is an important part of self-care. Moon bathing is a simple, yet relaxing, soul-cleansing, mind-clearing ritual useful at any phase of the moon, but said to be most powerful during a full moo
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Japan Unplugged
In a small forest on the outskirts of Tokyo, a woman with sleek black glasses is examining the ground. Eventually, she finds the perfect spot to spend the next few hours staring at a canopy thick with bamboo trees, their colours plucked from the brig