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Poor oral health can have far-reaching effects, including an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, poor diabetes control and even premature labour. We don’t yet know exactly how poor oral health causes these conditions; more research is needed to understand the

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Nigella Ingredients, Recipes & Stories
Cook, eat, repeat: these words, the day-in, day-out, never-endingness of it all, no doubt sum up the Sisyphean drudgery of cooking for those who resent time spent at the stove. For those who, like me, find structure, meaning and an intense aliveness
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A Bake To Remember
Forty years ago my mother went to the newsagent. When she returned, life as we knew it ended. For she carried a book that would blow my actual mind and become the most widely read and dog-eared publication we owned. My mother, like thousands of other
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Keeping her head above water proved to be true for Chloë McCardel in both the physical and figurative sense (Saved by the Sea, AWW, November). I felt empowered and inspired by the way she discovered her passion and purpose for competitive swimming an