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CARPET. Soft and sound absorbent, it’s a great insulator and a solid choice for bedrooms

Disguises subflooring irregularities, which may cause

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Wood Species
Wood species vary in their color and characteristics (for example, knots versus clear-grain) and play a huge part in the way your timber home looks and lives. Ask each timber provider you’re considering for more information about the types of wood th
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Pride Of Place
Everyone envisions his or her timber home on that perfect piece of property with that magnificent view. But beauty is only skin deep, and, when buying land, you’ll not only need to know what’s beneath the surface, but what it will take to access it.
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Crowd Pleaser
Sue and Gary Potts didn’t have to look far to find the perfect spot for their waterfront getaway. They already owned a home on Ohio’s Apple Valley Lake when the empty lot next door went up for sale. “We originally bought it so that no one else would