Watercolor Artist

The Four Elements of Watercolor

Keiko Tanabe and Thomas W Schaller are two of today’s leading watercolorists. Their paintings are held in notable private and public collections, they exhibit globally and, as instructors, they have followers worldwide. Here, Tanabe and Schaller share their experiences with and understanding of watercolor’s essential materials.


“I expect pigments to be pure and vibrant on paper and to contain no fillers,” says Tanabe. “Permanence and lightfastness are equally important so that pigments don’t fade over time or when exposed to light.” She advises

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On the Surface
In 2000, Margolis became a Workspace Program Resident at Dieu Donné, a nonprofit, based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, that’s dedicated to retaining the use of handmade paper in contemporary art. While fulfilling her residency, she become enamored of aba
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Go Figure
Every picture tells a story, they say, and so it is when we see groups of figures in a painting. “Our curiosity is piqued in much the same way it is when we see a group of people gathered in real life,” says artist Steve Griggs (stevegriggswatercolor
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The Artist’s Toolkit
• Paper: 300-lb. rough or cold-pressed watercolor paper. Young particularly likes the brighter white of Winsor & Newton. • Paints: The artist uses primarily MaimeriBlu, Winsor & Newton and M. Graham watercolors, as well as a few Holbein colors. On hi