Watercolor Artist

The Joy of Watercolor

Popadics enjoys the chance happenings that watercolor offers. “John Singer Sargent is quoted as describing watercolor painting as ‘making the best of

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The Artist’s Toolkit
• Paper: 300-lb. rough or cold-pressed watercolor paper. Young particularly likes the brighter white of Winsor & Newton. • Paints: The artist uses primarily MaimeriBlu, Winsor & Newton and M. Graham watercolors, as well as a few Holbein colors. On hi
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Go Figure
Every picture tells a story, they say, and so it is when we see groups of figures in a painting. “Our curiosity is piqued in much the same way it is when we see a group of people gathered in real life,” says artist Steve Griggs (stevegriggswatercolor
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On the Surface
In 2000, Margolis became a Workspace Program Resident at Dieu Donné, a nonprofit, based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, that’s dedicated to retaining the use of handmade paper in contemporary art. While fulfilling her residency, she become enamored of aba