Watercolor Artist

Dropping In

This past year I was sidelined due to illness, but was nevertheless anxious to continue painting while in recovery. My endurance was limited, so I needed a new, faster way of working. Even

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Go Figure
Every picture tells a story, they say, and so it is when we see groups of figures in a painting. “Our curiosity is piqued in much the same way it is when we see a group of people gathered in real life,” says artist Steve Griggs (stevegriggswatercolor
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It’s best to paint tissues on a flat, plastic-covered surface. Don’t move the painted pieces until they’re dry, or they’ll fall apart. Watercolor collage is very forgiving. If you make a mistake while the paper is still damp with matte medium, you c
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Meet the Artist
Jian Wu (jwstudio.net) studied sculpture and mural art at the Central Art and Crafts College of China (now the Art College of Qing Hua University). Early in his career, he created sculptural and copper reliefs commissioned by five-star hotels in Chin