Watercolor Artist

A Moment in Time

A successful painting for Lancashire, England, artist James Bartholomew is replete with dynamic energy and strong colors. A lifelong lover of nature and animals, he says his work is inspired by “the interplay between a subject and light, and how changing weather can alter the essence of something so completely.” He spends months waiting for the right weather conditions; when a bright day with strong light and dramatic colors arrives, he seizes the opportunity.

Within a Landscape

“To find good seascape and landscape subjects, I’ll get myself to an interesting location—when the weather and light are favorable—and just spend time exploring,” Bartholomew says. While on-site, he’ll use his camera to experiment with perspective and angles by framing compositions and creating a series of thumbnails to help him with color contrasting. “Having dozens of photos from varying angles and in changing light is a great resource on

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