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WE TRAVEL NOT JUST TO SEE DIFFERENT PLACES, but to feel them as well. The angle of the sun, the weight of the air, the sounds and smells—these all help complete the picture. Sometimes the next best thing to being there is a painting, especially in the hands of an artist like Dusan Djukaric.

Based in Belgrade, this Serbian watercolor artist paints watery cityscapes and harbor scenes of his home country and other European cities. In each, he chooses to first portray the mood before realistic details. “My

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In The Face Of Uncertainty
THE WOMAN’S EYES turn upward, squinting into the sun. Glints of silver trace the wisps of white hair around her head and brow. The reflected light contrasts with earthen undertones as well as the woman’s red scarf, rendered in unfinished strokes that
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Craig Anderson and Kelly Bargabos
Creative husband-and-wife team Craig Anderson, an artist, and Kelly Bargabos, a writer, have been personally touched by the tragedy of homelessness. Bargabos’ brother spent time wandering from couch to shelter to “ramshackle apartment,” she says. The