Watercolor Artist

10th ANNUAL Watermedia Showcase


Stephen Zhang

Plano, Texas

Q What was the inspiration behind your painting?

A As an artist with portraiture as a main focus, I’m constantly looking for people with distinctive individuality. The person in this painting is an artist in Detroit. I met her during a project there and was captivated by her grit, talent and attitude. The title, Fire and Metal, refers to the metalsmithing in the painting, but it also speaks about the artist. It’s a privilege to paint inspiring subjects like her.

Q What was your painting process for the work?

A I worked on the composition of the painting first in drawings. Then, painting directly, without a light wash or underpainting, I let the paint flow, and then responded to it accordingly. Because I use calligraphic brushwork, I don’t always cover the entire painting surface; therefore, my paintings contain elements of organic sketches.

Q Did everything go according to plan?

With the painting

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