Watercolor Artist



Orpington Linen Tea Towels [$34]

This set of two tea towels features the paint-swatchy design “Watercolor Polka Dot In Indigo” by artist

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• 300-lb. cold-pressed Fabriano paper • A variety of mostly transparent rice papers • Spectra Artist tissue • Linco acid-free tissue • Steven Quiller watercolors • Daniel Smith watercolors • Black and white gesso • Golden acrylic matte medium (This n
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THE Trees of Life
Downstairs from Tom Young’s home-based painting studio is the other place where the artist spends significant time: his “bonsai room.” There he keeps about 20 of the potted ornamental trees, the largest being no taller than 2 feet. “I move back and f
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An Unlikely Modernist
Sometimes radicalism in art takes unlikely forms. When he painted The Terrace Bridge, Central Park, a genteel scene filled with parasols and white summer dresses, Maurice Prendergast (1858–1924) was among the most avant-garde artists in America. In c