Watercolor Artist

Sourcing Inspiration

Jablokow’s move to full-time painting in 2010 was precipitated by the decline in demand for handcrafted architectural illustration that occurred

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Art Visionaries
Imagine a world without paper, or at least the kind of paper we love to use today. Instead of a stable, durable surface on which to paint, imagine one that deteriorates under your fingertips or breaks apart with the application of the slightest bit o
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Artist’s Toolkit
Lanaquarelle watercolor paper: “I use hot-pressed paper because the water slides around on it,” says Macnamara. She also points out that making corrections—scrubbing away what she doesn’t like—is easier on the heavy-weight paper. • yellow ochre• lemo
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Meet the Artist
Cindy Baron (cindybaron.com) began her art career painting pastel portraits before moving on to watercolors and then to oils. She became a Signature Member of The American Watercolor Society in 2000 and a Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of Am