Watercolor Artist

In the Wash

being an artist changes the way you see the world, and painting in watercolor has its own effect on your vision. I now see the world in washes and have long-suffering, non-painting friends who look at me perplexed while we wait at a traffic light as I blurt out, “Is that a second wash or a first wash?”

The fact of the matter is that you’ve got to see the world through the eyes of

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On the Surface
In 2000, Margolis became a Workspace Program Resident at Dieu Donné, a nonprofit, based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, that’s dedicated to retaining the use of handmade paper in contemporary art. While fulfilling her residency, she become enamored of aba
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Birgit O’Connor
In the past, when painting florals, my approach was to paint the subject shape by shape, section by section. When I started to teach workshops, I noticed it was often difficult for students to make large enough puddles of color-blends to keep color c
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The Artist’s Toolkit
• Paper: 300-lb. rough or cold-pressed watercolor paper. Young particularly likes the brighter white of Winsor & Newton. • Paints: The artist uses primarily MaimeriBlu, Winsor & Newton and M. Graham watercolors, as well as a few Holbein colors. On hi