Wild West

Wow! A Simple to Use Computer Designed Especially for Seniors!

“I love this computer! It is easy to read and to use! I get photo updates from my children and grandchildren all the time.”
– Janet F.

ave you ever said to yourself “I’d love to get a computer, if only I could figure out how

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601 Reasons Not To Set Fires
For the masked vigilantes of Virginia City, Nevada, the wheels of justice moved too slowly. Shortly after midnight on March 14, 1871, Hugh Kelly and Charley Fletcher were strolling down B Street when they spied something ominous—reflected orange ligh
Wild West3 min citite
Events Of The West
Note: Due to the coronavirus shutdown, some events may be canceled or delayed In “West: The American Cowboy” French photographer Anouk Masson Krantz revisits the ranching and small rodeo communities in the heartland of the American West. The travelin
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Hunting Buddies
Sharp-dressed mineralogist, entrepreneur and photographer Joseph Gonder Hiestand poses with his bespectacled, hatted hound in this circa 1910 self-portrait in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He has in hand a Mauser C96 carbine with its distinctive broom h