Woman's Weekly Living Series

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Hide the remote

NEAT stands for ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’, which essentially means ‘simple movement’ – a term developed by researchers who found that even the simplest spontaneous activity helps prevent weight gain. So, little things like getting up to change channels and taking the stairs not the escalator all adds up.

Brush teeth in four sections

Divide your mouth into four when brushing – and spend about 30 seconds on each section. Studies show that we tend to start in the same place and usually miss bits – yet good dental

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Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min cititeDiet & Nutrition
Where To Find Vitamin B12
1 Meat and fish, such as beef, salmon and cod. 2 Dairy foods – milk, cheese, eggs (less in goat’s milk or cheese). 3 Some fortified breakfast cereals (read the label). 4 If you’re vegan, look for B12-fortified drinks or yeast extract; and more infor
Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min cititeMedical
Other Proven Ways To Reduce Your Risk
✣ Not smoking. ✣ Keeping safe in the sun. ✣ Eating a healthy diet that’s high in fibre and plant-based foods and low in processed meats. ✣ Cutting back on alcohol. ✣ Getting regular exercise. ✣ Avoiding exposure to dangerous substances, such as asbes
Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min citite
COPING WITH… Muscle cramps
Our skeletal (voluntary) muscles move our bodies; internally, ‘smooth’ (involuntary) muscles keep things moving inside our organs. Muscles are designed to contract (shorten) and relax, but sometimes they go into spasm, producing pain and acidic chang