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For a nation of water lovers, have you ever stopped to think how strange it is that more of us don’t swim for fitness? The latest AusPlay survey found that for Aussie women aged 25 to 44, swimming trailed behind gym sessions, walking, running and yoga as the exercise of choice. We’d like to change that! Because

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Women's Health Australia4 min cititeChemistry
Face Oils 20
You’ve got to hand it to face oils. In the past decade, they’ve gone from a special-interest product to a staple in almost every brand’s range, from Garnier to Guerlain and even clinical specialists like Medik8. Compatible with most other products, a
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Behold, the power of a good brew: a diet rich in flavanols could lead to lower blood pressure, particularly in those with existing hypertension, reveals a new study. Flava what-now? These plant-based compounds are found in foods such as apples, berri
Women's Health Australia4 min cititeBiology
Remember when health advice used to be a cute nursery rhyme about apples and doctors? In 2021, it’s more like a rap titled MTHFR. If you move in wellness circles online, you’ve probably come across this sweary-looking acronym. It’s the name of a gene