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Blue Skies Ahead

we all commented how perfect it was that the shoot was falling on the one sunny, non-rainy day we’d had in months. Yes, we SoCal residents realize we’re completely spoiled by our weather. (San Diego, where is currently based, gets 266 days of sun a year.) But the start of 2019 was unusual, with more rainy days than sunny, and it certainly affected how much we ventured outside—and our mood. (Is this what it’s like to live in the Pacific Northwest?!)

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Guiding The Way
When Guiding Eyes for the Blind started its program to train guide dogs for runners in 2015, it had a limited perspective of what could be done. “Originally we started by saying no races,” says Jolene Hollister, the Running Guides director. “This was
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Favorite Fartleks
• Warm up at an easy pace for 10 minutes• 10 x 1 minute hard / 1 minute easy• Cool down at an easy pace for 5 minutes • Warm up at an easy pace for 10 minutes• 8 minutes steady (slightly slower than threshold pace) / 2 minutes easy / 6 minutes steady
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Women’s Running
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