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A NATURAL SOURCE of business success

We all know the scene, spending eight or more hours a day in an office in front of a computer, typing away on a screen. We increasingly work with machines at machine pace. We work to the clock, not the seasons or even sunset and sunrise.

It is estimated that we spend around one third of our entire lives at work. If we cut

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How Much Things Have Changed
In considering just how much things have changed I did some digging in various places and came up with the grand total of around 25 areas where HRM plays a key role in their organisations. I can’t possibly cover all those areas individually, but ther
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Location An Essential Factor
Self-sufficiency is a prerequisite for thriving in the Chathams –where the local community is regarded as one of the wealthiest in New Zealand – primarily due to the booming crayfish and paua industry, as well as kina, blue cod and livestock exports.
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How To Choose The Right Clients And Why It’s Important
It isn’t always easy saying no to projects and clients, especially with a looming recession and total uncertainty of Covid-19. Many companies will be scrambling for clients and taking on all the work they can. I don’t blame them. On one hand, the cas