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About the author… H.G. Parry

She lives in Wellington and teaches English literature, film and media studies. The H.G. stands for Hannah Gabrielle. She has written lots of short

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min citite
Two become ONE!
Intent on playing Princess Diana “from the inside out”, British actress Emma Corrin, 25, dug deep into the beloved royal’s psychology for the fourth season of The Crown. In addition to some dedicated research to help her understand the princess’ driv
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly4 min citite
We do it at least 20,000 times a day, but apparently we still don’t get it right. “If you observe a baby breathing, they breathe fully and completely into their chest and belly. As we get older, our breathing patterns change in response to life exper
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly2 min citite
She’s The Picture Of Health
As the world’s oldest reigning monarch, the Queen is in incredibly good health for someone her age. Good genes possibly play a part in her longevity – her mother, the Queen Mother, lived to 101 (her dad George VI was a heavy smoker who died of lung c