EXPLAINED Dispose of your old PC securely

1 TAKE FAIL-SAFE DRIVE IMAGES Still not taken that fail-safe drive image? Install Macrium Reflect Free on your old PC as previously advised, then take an image of all your old PC’s

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Editor: David Hollingworth Senior Journalist: Shaun Prescott Journalist: Joel Burgess Journalist: Stephen Lambrechts Journalist: Sharmishta Sarkar Journalist: Harry Domanski Creative Director: Troy Coleman Tim Bothwel
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Amazfit T-Rex Pro
$319, You get a lot of features for your money with the T-Rex Pro, but a ‘wow factor’ isn’t one of them. The T-Rex Pro looks almost exactly like the original Amazfit T-Rex. This new version also has four screws in the bezel for a pra
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What Gadgets Do I Need To Get My Novel Written?
Bearded lollygagger George RR Martin famously spends his time gawping at the walls of his home office, pretending to write the next A Song of Ice and Fire book while sat in front of a DOS computer running 1987’s WordStar 4.0. Guru writes with, depend