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OF ALL THE tech tasks that we’re called upon to master in this modern age there’s one that I

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Run Windows Apps On Mac
There are several ways to run Windows-only apps on your Mac, but only one allows you to run them directly from your Mac desktop, and that’s Wine (winehq. org). Its command-line nature makes it fiddly, but thankfully more user-friendly variants exist.
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Override 2: Super Mech League
US$29.99, Switch, PS, Xbox, PC To understand what Override 2 is, it helps to understand what it isn’t. It’s a beat ‘em up and, sure, that immediately tells you a lot about the experience. Given the clear influence certain Japanese
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Google Guest Mode Stops Friends Ruining Your Smart Speaker Suggestions
Google smart speakers and displays will now offer a Guest Mode that doesn’t save interactions between you and Google’s voice assistant. The new feature still allows Google to answer questions, play music, set timers and control your smart home gadget