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In news to absolutely no one, it turns out that switching out the whirring moving parts of a traditional hard drive for a solid-state version improves your gaming experience. Ray tracing and potential

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The Complete Guide To… Mid-range Phones
In relative terms, smartphones haven’t been around for very long at all really, if you count the arrival of the first iPhone in 2007 as a rough starting point. In nearly a decade and a half, screen sizes have almost doubled, handsets have become as p
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The Most Important Mid-range Phones
The mid-range section of the smartphone market has never been busier: if you’ve got, say, $350 to $750 to spend, then there are a wealth of phones to pick from. The four mid-range devices mentioned here should offer something for everyone – they diff
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WE’RE IMPRESSED Another great camera; really appealing price; pure Google experience. WE’D IMPROVE No 5G; relatively small screen; no optical zoom. THE LAST WORD Hits the sweet spot of price and performance, a very capable phone and an excellent ca