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Razer Blade 15

PRICE $5,099 razer.com

Razer’s 2018 blade 15 was one of the best gaming laptops of last year and the subtle chassis tweaks and a hefty set of RTX GPU upgrades definitely

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Go Virtual Instead
We’re at the point in the PC’s evolution where the overheads of virtualisation are proportionately so small, and the technology enabling it so plentiful, that running an everyday OS in a virtual machine is entirely reasonable. You obviously won’t get
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Total War: Three Kingdoms
Wes: I’m 30 hours into a Three Kingdoms co-op campaign where I’m conquering all of southern China as Sun Jian. Meanwhile, my friend and neighbour Yuan Shu has had to become a vassal, then join an alliance, just to stop Cao Cao from trampling him. I k
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Slay The Spire
Evan: Walking in the footsteps of other PCPP GOTYs of yore (Into the Breach, FTL, Spelunky) Slay the Spire is a series of difficult, pleasant epiphanies that you acquire through failure. Oh, relics might be more important than cards. And huh, maybe r