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Fractal Design introduced today its revised Define R6 cases with integrated USB Type-C ports. The popular case manufacturer also announced a few useful accessories for existing Define R6 owners to expand

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My Turn
There have been few moments over the last ten years where I’ve been far from a grid full of little soldiers duking it out turn by turn. There was a lull, certainly in attention, after the ’90s, but then XCOM: Enemy Unknown came along and lit a fire u
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Untitled Goose Game
Chris: There’s a weird pleasure to playing a bad guy in games, but it’s often coupled with a bit of guilt over the terrible things you do, and punishment in the form of a ‘bad ending’. Not so in Untitled Goose Game, because you’re not really evil, yo
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Liquid-cooled Monster The $10,000 Ryzen 4k Sli Build
Liquid-cooling is a fickle thing. It’s complex, intricate, and filled with far deeper considerations than any standard PC build. There’s a finesse and beauty to it, and a risk involved. The very best systems out there incorporate it into their wonder