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MSI’s latest charge into the gaming monitor space comes with a determination to become the number one, curved, gaming monitor supplier in the world by the end of the year. But our first impressions of this 27in standard bearer were mixed.

A headline feature of the Optix MPG27CQ

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Disco Elysium
Jody: The Drama skill would like to explain that what makes Disco Elysium great is how it coherently draws together influences from outside of videogames, that it combines 1970s cop dramas with David Fincher deconstructions of detective stories and C
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Access All Areas
The first game I ever bought from Steam Early Access was a survival sandbox called Under the Ocean. I played it, enjoyed it and tried out new alphas as they were released over the next few months. As time passed, the game’s scope grew, devblogs and r
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James Davenport
A 900 Christ Air to Darkslide in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is easier to pull off than a kickflip to noseslide on a low curb in Early Access skater Session. Its control scheme matches a foot to each stick for the most realistic board manipulation yet. Sm