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DON’T TEAR your hair out

Irene Zhoosh, Minzani ambassador and hairdresser; Terrence Terenzo, recent winner of the National Hairdressing Icon Award and owner of salon suite concept Terenzo Suites; and Tatenda Sibanda, Candi & Co head trainer, share their ultimate hair tips for the coming year.

1 Sometimes super-healthy hair is more difficult to manage than hair that has been chemically treated. Balance between the two is the answer.


2 As you use makeup to accentuate your cheekbones, you could use hair colour techniques to create the perception of added volume. We often do blonde throughout the crown to the fringe, and leave it dark throughout the perimeter and occipital bone area. This is done to create volume through the top of the head, and reduce it through the nape of the neck.

3 Many clients enjoy blondes in summer. There are a few colouring kits that are ammonia-free. The advantage of this is that you can achieve your desired level of blonde while still maintaining the condition and health of your hair.

4 Bleached-blonde, damaged hair is unattractive and it’s hard to correct, so it’s important to condition your hair.

5 Colouring reds can be tricky, as red fades easily, but healthy, intact cuticles can help to maintain the richness of reds for longer.

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