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“Since testing of complementary medicines requires sufficient expertise and leads to additional expenditure, this does not always happen.” – RUDI MARTINS, REGULATORY PHARMACIST

The vitamin and supplement industry has been in flux for the past four years. Some of your favourite vitamins are no longer on the market, some have changed formulation and some disappeared from shelves, only to reappear again. Confused? Don’t worry – the industry players are too.


According to Norman Fels, chairman of the Health Products Association of South Africa (HPA), while the “problematic regulations of November 2013 are still law, there have been further drafts in 2014 and 2015”. He adds that the final General Regulations were due to be published in late June, and the amended Medicines Act has now been promulgated.

One of the biggest changes is the provision for the establishment of a new regulatory authority, the South African

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