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An unlawful HIGH?

An interesting video has gone viral on social media platforms: Larry, an elderly man who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, is seen shaking uncontrollably at the start of the clip. Later he’s given cannabis oil by another Parkinson’s sufferer and, within a matter of minutes, Larry’s uncontrollable shaking ceases. The relief is clearly visible on his face.*

This begs the question: does the cannabis plant hold the key to treating disease? The answer is complex, and there are conflicting views. While some remain critical of its use in the medical field, others believe firmly that marijuana could be a medical miracle capable of helping those with severe illnesses such as cancer and epilepsy.

Dr Sarel Botha, a maxillofacial and oral surgeon with a special interest in head and neck cancer, has looked into the medical benefits and risks. He believes there’s evidence that the cannabis plant has been used to treat illnesses for millennia. While some people smoke the leaves of the

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