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TERROIR, the future of meat

South Africans live under the illusion that eating meat is all about the sauce. Are you going to add monkey gland or thousand island to your steak? How many different toppings do you want on your burger? Ditto pork, lamb and chicken. I am going to come back

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DON’T TEAR Your Hair Out
Irene Zhoosh, Minzani ambassador and hairdresser; Terrence Terenzo, recent winner of the National Hairdressing Icon Award and owner of salon suite concept Terenzo Suites; and Tatenda Sibanda, Candi & Co head trainer, share their ultimate hair tips fo
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Summer Jump-starters
Naked oysters are sadly the version that most people are familiar with. Very basic, I Know, but it neednʼt be so mundane. You can spice them up with the perfect dressing. PREPARATION TIME: 10 minutes YIELDS 4 Ingredients: 24 oysters, shucked½ red oni
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A breakthrough technology that reinvents microneedling. Automated technology that delivers active anti-aging ingredients effectively and efficiently into the dermis for deep skin hydration and plumping. – Dr Deepa Parbhoo PRICE: From R1 500 to R3 500