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Electronica abounds

This issue of The Shed seems to have a real electronics theme to it. It’s not intentional, it just turned out that way.

We have electronic sheddies, an electric build project, electronic restoration and upcycling articles, and more. Our sheds

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The Tempero Legend
Much as even the most accomplished sheddie might like to think otherwise, there is no way to emulate Rod Tempero’s success in building replicas of fabulous mid-20th-century European-style sports racing cars. Anyone who had the networks and upfront ca
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What’s Happening Online At
The past two months’ uploads include:
The Shed1 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
Part Of The Secret To The Tempero Success: Genetics
The Tempero name is possibly Portuguese but the family can trace its antecedents back to 1660 in England. Rod’s father Errol is a second-generation coachbuilder. One of Errol’s grandfathers was a wheelwright; the other a blacksmith. Alan Tempero, Err