The Shed


Tim Pattrick lived in an Arts and Crafts cottage in Beckenham, a Christchurch suburb surrounded on three sides by the Heathcote River. Along one side of the property is a long, thin shed, fractionally wider than a typical single-car garage and a bit more than twice as long.

It was built before Tim’s house and was used by its first owner as a workshop. Here the owner made doors and windows for not only Tim’s house but also for several other nearby houses that he built. When Tim

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The Shed3 min citite
Sometimes Small Is Better
After shifting house a while ago and finding myself with a very small workshop, I decided to give away my old sawhorses and build myself a pair of folding ones. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for on the internet so I decided to design my
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Little Tool Tips
This is a collection of anecdotes, suggestions, and ideas for make-do and useful tools to meet the needs of sheddies like us. I would like to encourage other readers to submit their own little tool tips so we can all benefit from each other’s ingenui
The Shed4 min citite
Down To The Wire
Adrian started the creation of the horse with a drawing, then created a wire frame with the jockey as a separate piece that can be hoisted on and off the horse with a gantry. He has three gantries, as he does most of his work alone. Occasionally, he