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luminium is a really useful metal because it is light and strong. In many applications it is superior to steel, not least because it can be left out

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Seize The Day And Train For Free
Perhaps there is something you’ve always had a hankering to do but the cost of retraining or full-time study was too high, or perhaps you know school leavers or someone who needs to find a new career as a result of Covid impacts — if so, then read on
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Make Your Home A Smart Home Part 3
In issue 92 of The Shed, I stated that this article would be dedicated to the doorbell. However, the doorbell design has been changed a bit to make it more efficient, and is still being tested, so we have to delay that part of the project. Instead, t
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CCC Bike Policy
CCC bike policy For cyclists who use a bike as their preferred form of transport, the flatness of Christchurch is ideal. For the adventurous, the Port Hills are right there — an opportunity to bike across to Lyttelton, or around the Summit Road, and